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I installed a 5 kw sailboat kit on my Oday 280 last year. It's been life-changing. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy it.
[1977 Catalina 30]
I couldn’t be happier. The transmission was very easy to install on my old engine mounts and made mounting the motor a breeze. The coupling lined up beautifully and knowing it allows some play is just extra peace of mind. It’s a very well engineered system.
We went sailing this weekend using the kit you programmed and the system was a dream to use compared to the clunky old diesel. I’m very happy with the new electric drive.
"Vanessa was VERY helpful. I'm a satisfied customer!"
I have a 1970 Volkswagen beetle I sold a gas engine out of it decided to put electric Motor in it I asked around Sonoma County and in Southern California I came up with thunderstruck they seem to be the most friendly knowledgeable helpful people to help me with my project I bought used and new parts from them I didn't understand the wiring diagrams and the terminology of some of the electrical parts they explain most all of it over the phone within a month or so I had it running I went wire by wire pretty soon it was all wired I called him up they said turn it on I put it on jackstands it ran I took it down to thunderstruck they did some adjustments and explained a few things to me I've now got over 1700 miles on it I love this little car I would recommend these people to anybody. A special thanks to Michael, Brian Mark and Spencer
Thanks for all your help and expertise.
I absolutely love the propulsion system. It is clean, quiet, reliable and instantly available.
Best Wishes, and thanks for your support.
Installed on a Herreschoff Rozinante.
Again thank you for a very high quality product and all of your help... Very exciting to have the motor move the boat forward and backward!...Congratulations on a well engineered system.
I just launched my 1976 Bayliner Buccaneer sailboat for its third season with the Thunderstruck sailboat kit and it has been super good. I spent half the money I would have spent repowering with diesel like it was. The other guys jack around starting and maintaining outboards and I just flip the switch. My wife was skeptical at first...not all my projects go this well...but now she is a believer. I'm looking at the Thunderstruck site now pondering an electric car project...yup, wife not a believer on this one...yet.
I converted my C&C 27 from an Atomic 4 (seized-up) to electric a few months ago. I used a 5KW kit from ThunderStruck and also used their mounting plate, 2 to 1 gear and coupler. It works beautifully.
I'm not affiliated with, or know anyone personally that works at Thunderstruck. I bought my kit from them and this is my experience:
They will take whatever time is required to help you understand the system and what you need....even if you ask the same question over and over in new and complicated ways as I did :P

I ordered and had the parts on my shelf a year before I was ready to install them, the boat took longer to build than I anticipated.
A newer improved system had come on the market during that year and Thunderstruck took back every item (a year later!!) and gave me a full refund and set me up with the newer kit.

They rushed the parts to me over the Christmas / new year break when other vendors were closed for the holidays as I pressed on to make a pending launch date. oh ya...I sent the returned items to the wrong address. UPS said they would not do a damn thing since they delivered the box to the address on the package, they washed their hands of it.
When I explained this to Thunderstruck they drove over to the address and got the package for me.

I was blown away by the level of customer service and prompt after sales service while I worked thru the installation.

So there you have it, one mans experiences with that company.
They have earned my loyalty and that's where I'll be spending my money in the future.

cheers, Don
my install pics are at the blog below if you want to see them.
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