Golden Pie Hub Motor Kit V4

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48V Magic Pie 4 Hub Motor Kit. Sine Wave  30 amp  Controller 1500watts  

  •   For rear wheel installation only  
  •   Do up to 30mph right out of the box
  •   Tons of hill climbing torque
  •   The fastest and highest quality kit on the market
  •   Sine wave controller makes this kit efficient and silent
  •   Controller is built in for super easy installation
  •   Temparture control for ultra reliable riding!
  •   Regenerative braking for charging battery when going down hill.
  •   USB programmable controller
  •   Quick connectors make installation a snap
  •   Motor comes built in a 26” mtb  wheel for super fast rear wheel installation.
  •   Quality quick connectors and wiring harness for clean and easy installation
  •   Uses a freewheel hub (thread on)