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Our available stock of odds & ends. Please give us a call or email for more information.

Images updated 2/27/2017

Used Nissan Leaf Modules from a car with ~12K miles. 62AH, 8v, $125 each. 30 available, no warranty. 

Used but in great condition Zilla 1K-LV (72-156v)  with Hairball, Palm Pilot and Manual. $1250 consignment sale. 

Low miles, very clean Advanced DC Motor that was used with the above system. 9" dia x ~15.5" FB1-4001A Consignment sale. $1000

AC-50 Kit ready to install (needs adaptor to mount on your transmission). 650 amp, 72-96v Curtis, 96V Cleanpower DC-DC, Contactor, PB-8, already crated! $3000+ shipping

International E-Star Van has an 85Kw A123 battery pack. Former FedEx fleet vehicle. $30K

2013 Nissan Leaf Drivetrain with half shafts. $1000 or best offer. 2 in stock. 


Chevy Volt DC-DC converter. Case has damaged tabs. Call for price. 

A123 Cells $5 each. About 300 in stock, most are unused. 

Lightly used or New GE Controllers for 2007 Zenn Car Part# ic3645sr7a353e1  72v Sepex 300amp

4 in stock. $350 each. No wiring harness or diagram. 

New In Box Alltrax DCX500 for shunt wound or SepEx motors. 24-48V 500 amp. $456 (43% off!) Use with motor below!

New in box D&D Sepex. Internal splined shaft (for golf carts). 

USED Azure Dynamics Motor- Solectria, Controller and Differential. $2000

Myers Motors NMG! New 115V 120Ah Lithium pack, New front tires. Ready to Sell!!


We also have several used PFC or Zivan chargers of assorted voltages that could be reprogrammed for your pack:

120V Flooded Lead Acid 1KW PFC,

312V 4KW CAN-enabled PFC, 

218V (318 max) 2KW PFC

Zivan NG3 168V

Zivan NG3 350V

Neosonic Lithium cells are only $5 per cell! No Warranty.  About 2-300 lightly used left. 

New Condition Fuses at sale prices!

New and Used Contactors, Solenoids, Relays..


Alias prototype. Nice wheels, brakes, springs. 

New or Used EMB Chargers. 24Volt 15 amp! $50-75 So cheap you can use two for a 48v pack!

Roadrunner: Frames Only- No electrical components. $500 Build your own EV!  

36V EMB Lectra. Great town bike, approx. 45mph. $2500 without batteries. 

Used controllers from Zap quads are 36 or 48V, 100amp. $125

Handlebar Button fits 7/8" bar. Good for horn, or for your secret starting circuit?

New Nissin Brake Master Cylinder lever and caliper. $50 Fits 7/8" handlebar, takes a 10mm banjo bolt . 

New Emb Mechanical Speedo has 2.5" diameter display and 30" cable. $25 

New 12 or 24V Turn Signal. $6.50 each

New 24V Horn. $15.

Smaller motors and trolling motors $25-$50 each. 

Our supply of Used Batteries is constantly in flux. We have good, bad, and somewhere in between of many formats and sizes. Use them for your backup solar system! No Warranty

We have new closeout Motors, used motors and bad motors available for parts. Many types and sizes are available for many different applications. What are your needs?





NimH 12Ah Batteries. No Warranty.




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