Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, or LiFePO4, are becoming the standard for electric vehicle projects because of their optimal combination of energy density (>90 Wh/kg) and safety. Thunderstruck only carries brands that we've tested and used ourselves in applications ranging from dirt bikes to full car conversions. Interconnects are not typically included in the price of the batteries. 

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Newest Model Calb 72Ah cell is much more compact! Busbars are optional and $2.75 each   Capacity 72 Ah    Voltage 3.2 V nom    Cycle...


2C continuous, 3C for 10 sec, 8.5" x 2.39" x 4.45", 5.52lbs


2C continuous, 3C for 10 sec, 8.59" x 2.64" x 5.6", 7.05lbs


2C continuous, 3C for 10 sec, 8.63" x 2.64" x 5.60", 7.50lbs


2C continuous, 3C for 10 sec, 11.03" x 2.80" x 7.09", 12.60lbs