ACM-5x Oil Cooled

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Oil Cooled ACM-5x Motors are Now Available!

New Oil Cooled Motors for High Continuous Output and Marine Use. 

The design of these motors allow for oil to be circulated in and out of the motor via threaded ports in the end bells. Additional plumbing is not included. Use a fully synthetic ATF fluid with an oil pump and external heat exchanger/ oil cooler for higher continuous power than air cooled motors. 

These have a stainless steel frame, shaft, and anodized aluminum end bells. 120 pounds. 

Please keep in mind that these were developed with the marine industry in mind, where there is a constant flow of cool water that is supplied to the heat exchanger to cool the oil. Your continuous rating will be in part dictated by the oil temp returning to the motor. The bearings are lubricated by the cooling fluid so it is critical that you Do Not Run the Motor Without Oil!

Controller options are as follows:

1238e-7621   (72-108V 650 amp)

1239e-8521  (96-144v 500 amp and 12v logic)

Please see Aircooled versions for peak power charts. AC-51 motors are wound to have their peak power at a lower rpm than the AC-50. 

NOTE: only models with 12 volt logic controllers, 96 volt on up, are eligible for the marine specific software using the Engage 7 display, but automotive software is also applicable for marine use.